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Regular Bell Schedule
Minimum day every Wednesday – 12:50 Dismissal for all grades K-6

Description/PeriodStart TimeEnd TimeLength
School Begins8:15 AM
Recess (K) *no recess on Wednesdays9:50 AM10:10 AM20 min
Recess (1-3) *no recess on Wednesdays9:45 AM10:05 AM20 min
Recess (4-6) *no recess on Wednesdays10:10 AM10:30 AM20 min
Kindergarten Lunch11:10 AM11:55 AM45 min
Grades 1-2 Lunch11:25 AM12:10 PM45 min
Grades 3-6 Lunch12:15 PM1:00 PM45 min
Kindergarten Dismissal2:15 PM
Grades 1-3 Dismissal2:35 PM
Grades 4-6 Dismissal2:45 PM

Wednesdays & Minimum Days/Parent Conference Days

Description / PeriodStart TimeEnd TimeLength
School Begins8:15 AM
Kinder Lunch10:00 AM10:30 AM30 min
Grades 1-2 Lunch10:15 AM10:45 AM30 min
Grades 3-410:45 AM11:15 AM30 min
Grades 5-611:15 AM11:45 AM30 min
Dismissal K-612:50 PM

Student Pick Up

All students need to be picked up on campus. Students may not go to the park and wait to be picked up. The park is not a safe place for students to wait, even with friends. We have had some problems in the past and need to ensure that all students are safe. 4th-6th grade students can wait by E1 and have parents pick them up by going through the parking lot.

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