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Schroeder Mustang Newsletter

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Principal’s Message – Mrs. Hernandez

Let’s Do Science 

When you learn science you build on what you already know. Children need to start learning early, at home, so that they have a firm base of knowledge to build on when they get to school. As parents, what’s important is that we share the knowledge we have with our children. Science is in everyday activities: cooking, washing dishes, and growing plants. So, look around the house and out the windows and see that science is everywhere.
Here are some things you can do:
  • Ask your children questions: How do you think the clock works? Why does a bird make a nest and what is a nest made of? How does electricity help us every day?
  • Have children look at what’s happening around them and have them write down what they see.
  • Have your children make predictions about the weather or how fast a plant will grow or how high a piece of paper will fly with the wind. Have your children then test to see if their predictions are correct.
  • Have your child start collections of shells, rocks, or bugs so that they can see similarities and differences.
  • Have your child look at how things are different. He or she can look around the neighborhood to see the different animals and plants that live and grow there.
  • Help your child look at what causes things to change. What happens when a plant doesn’t have water or sunlight?
At Schroeder we have a hand-on science program for all students. Here’s what your child will be learning this trimester:
TK – Life Science
Kindergarten – Organisms
lst Grade – Animals 2X2
2nd Grade – Plant Growth
3rd Grade – Butterfly Life Cycle
4th Grade – Plant and Human Body Systems
5th Grade – Ecosystems and Food Chains
6th Grade – Natural Disasters and Plate Techtonics

Drop Off / Pick Up

Last month the newsletter included a map with reminders of our school’s I drop-off and pick-up procedures so that all students are safe. Just a few reminders:
  • Students in grades 4th-6th who are waiting to be picked up need to wait at the end of E1 for parents to pick them up in the parking lot.
  • Students may not wait in the park, in front of the school or on the streets surrounding the school.
  • If you are waiting to turn right into the parking lot off Columbia, please model Kindness and Respect to your children by allowing cars who are turning left to enter the parking lot also.
Remember that student safety is our first priority. Please pay attention when driving around the school and in the parking lot at all times.

Take one Minute and watch for kids!

Schroeder Elementary School will be switching to
online school registration NEXT FALL (2017-2018)

This means less physical paperwork for you to fill out (or lose) and should make things simpler! Each family will be required to register an email address with the school to access and fill out the student’s information.

**Each family will need an email account before June 2017**

If you do not already have an active email account, here are a few free options:
You can also go to www.schroederpta.org for additional help to set up a new email account.

National PTA Reflections welcomes all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Annually, thousands of students reflect on a common theme and create original works of art in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. Winners from the school are selected to represent the PTA at the subsequent levels -council, district, state, and national.

We are delighted this year to have Schroeder Mustangs participate in the PTA Reflections program this year. Our Schroeder Mustang artists created masterpieces in visual arts, photography, literature and music composition! All participants received an art themed button and Mustang Money for their efforts! Our Schroeder Mustang Reflection artists are:

• Christina Kieu (2nd)
• Danielle Gertz (3rd)
• Brody Smith (3rd)
• Mia Dreger (3rd)
• Jennifer Hunt (4th)
• Teagan lkes (4th)
• Acacia Barte| (6th)
• Gwen Strong (6th)
• Jonathan Gertz (6th)
• Lorelei Jorden (6th)
• Elyse Pendergraft (2nd)
• Aidan Baer (3rd)

• Grace Baer (6th)
• Aubrey Baccanti (5th)

• Isabella Gonzalez (5th)

Judging is done anonymously and by art category and grade division. The winners from our school are:
  • Elyse Pendergraft for literature titled “A Guide to Ellie’s solar system”.
  • Aiden Baer for literature titled “The Kid who stole stuff
  • Jennifer Hunt for visual arts titled “Straight and circular”.
  • Aubrey Baccanti for photography titled `’Mystery”.
  • lsabella Gonzalez for music composition titled “Bloom”.
  • Acacia Bartel for visual arts titled “The colors of my Life”.
  • Grace Baer for photography titled “Change”.
Winners from Schroeder were submitted to Westminster Council for judging. And winners from the Westminster Council will advance to the District level. Winners from Fourth District will be announced at the end of January. We wish them all good luck!

Thank you to ALL our artists for participating and a special congratulations to Lorelei Jorden, Brody Smith, and lsabella Gonzalez for winning the Reflections raffle prizes.

We hope to see more of our students show off their creativity next year. Look for the Reflections flyer before the end of this school year so you can get a head start on your creatl.vity during the summer for next year’s contest! For more information on the PTA Reflections program, contact Theresa Chai at 714-801-2986 / president@schroederpta.com.

President’s Message

Hello, Mustang Families!

We are already at the end of 2016 and just days from 2017! We have done so much in just a few months since school started. Last month was our first Family Night of the year. Many of our Mustang families came out to watch Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas with us. We had a lot of fun, especially with the yummy popcorn to munch on while we watched the movie.

Did you get a chance to do some Christmas shopping at our PTA sponsored annual Holiday Boutique last week? It was three days of shopping fun for our kiddos and our families. Parents can send money with the kids so they can shop for a surprise gift for the special people in their lives. If you haven’t had the pleasure of shopping at the holiday boutique, make sure to check it out next year.

What are you looking forward to this holiday season? In addition to shopping and gift giving (and getting), I am looking forward to driving around Orange County to look at the brilliant lights in some of our neighborhoods. If you’re looking for something fun and low key to do with the kids during break, put on some holiday music and take a drive to Balboa Island to check out the lights. I hear the Zimmerman House on Balboa Island (327 Sapphire Ave.) is supposed to be extra special! Be prepared for some traffic…but it’s worth it.

I hope everyone enjoys their Winter Break. See you in 2017!

Happy Holidays,
Theresa Chai
2016-17 PTA President



Our Saturday Academy has started and we are having fun while learning and exploring! Saturday Academy is a great way for your child to clear an absence while studying, creating, and making new friends! We have 4 more Academies this year:
  • January 21st
  • March 4
  • April 8
  • May 20
They are held from 8:OOAM -12:15. If your child has had an absence, s/he will receive an invitation about two weeks before the Saturday Academy date. Return the bottom portion right away as we do fill up. Contact the off ice for more information.

Schroeder PTA Website and Email Blasts

This year, we made some updates to our website and began sending out emails to communicate with

‘I’he website provides information such as:

  • School Calendar
  • Bell Schedule
  • Lunch Menus
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Thursday take home packet/flyers

We will continue to make improvements to our site and look forward to providing digital alternatives for consuming all things Schroeder. If you have not already done so, please register your email on our home page at www.schroederpta.com to join our mailing list.


Wear your Schroeder Mustang
Spiritwear every Wednesday!

There are three ways to order:
  1. Order online @ www.schroederspiritwear.com 
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  2. Send in an order form with payment attached. Order forms are available in the office.
  3. Come see us Fridays after school in front of the office!

Sync Your Calendars!

Did you know that you can add the school’s calendar to your own? Well now you do! It’s a great way to make sure you have the latest calendar information and updates. Instructions are available online at:


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Add the Schroeder calendar to your own and never miss out on an activity, event, or the dreaded minimum day!

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